ICC Cricket World cup 2019 Teams And Matches Information

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What is ICC Cricket World Cup

Cricket world cup is the international cricket championship which organizes by International Cricket Council after every 4 years. The first ICC World Cup was arranged in England in 1975.

The members of the International Cricket Council are the hosts of the world cup. The cricket teams of different countries of the world have to play the series of preliminary qualifying tournaments. Teams which have won the tournaments go to the next level in which they play with other qualified ones.


After completing the series of matches teams go towards the semi-final and lastly to the final match. The team which wins the final match called the winning team. ICC Cricket Worldcup has much famed around the world and surely we can say that it’s the craze of people.

Billions of people watch the whole series of ICC Cricket Worldcup and millions of tickets sell for stadium seats. The first two stages of the tournament are called the group stage and the knock-out stage. The next stage is a round-robin group stage which progressively leads to semi-finals. The winners of the semi-finals come across each other in the finals.

As the ICC Cricket Worldcup 2019 is around the corner so millions of fans are getting curious about the venue of matches, a number of teams and the ticket accessibility.

ICC Cricket Worldcup 2019

Millions of minds are thinking that which team will win the championship trophy in 2019. The ICC Cricket Worldcup 2019 is going to be organized in England and Wales. The play will remain to continue from 30th May to 14th July.

10 teams will play the single group tournament with other nine teams. The four teams will lead towards the knock-out stage. They will reach towards the knock-out of semi-finals and lastly finals.

The total number of matches will be 45 where each team will gain the chance to play 9 matches. The ten teams which have been qualified for the 2019 world cup are England, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and the West Indies.

The final match has been decided to take place at Lord’s, London. People are grabbing the tickets right now. This world cup 2019 is going to be much-interested one as the cricket fans are increasing each day. ICC Cricket world cup is such matches for which the people wait anxiously till 4 years.

You can book your ticket at the official website of ICC Cricket Worldcup 2019. Let’s have a brief review of the teams which are going to play in the scheduled matches.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule Time Table

MatchesTeamsMatch Day
Match 1England vs South Africa30/05/2019
Match 2West Indies vs Pakistan31/05/2019
Match 3New Zealand vs Sri Lanka01/06/2019
Match 4Afghanistan vs Australia01/06/2019
Match 5South Africa vs Bangladesh02/06/2019
Match 6England vs Pakistan03/06/2019
Match 7Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka04/06/2019
Match 8South Africa vs India05/06/2019
Match 9Bangladesh vs New Zealand05/06/2019
Match 10Australia vs West Indies05/06/2019
Match 11Pakistan vs Sri Lanka07/06/2019
Match 12England vs Bangladesh08/06/2019
Match 13Afghanistan vs New Zealand08/06/2019
Match 14India vs Australia09/06/2019
Match 15South Africa vs West Indies10/06/2019
Match 16Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka11/06/2019
Match 17Australia vs Pakistan12/06/2019
Match 18India vs New Zealand13/06/2019
Match 19England vs West Indies14/06/2019
Match 20Sri Lanka vs Australia 15/06/2019
Match 21South Africa vs Afghanistan15/06/2019
Match 22India vs Pakistan16/06/2019
Match 23West Indies vs Bangladesh17/06/2019
Match 24England vs Afghanistan18/06/2019
Match 25New Zealand vs South Africa19/06/2019
Match 26Australia vs Bangladesh20/06/2019
Match 27England vs Sri Lanka21/06/2019
Match 28India vs Afghanistan22/06/2019
Match 29West Indies vs New Zealand22/06/2019
Match 30Pakistan vs South Africa23/06/2019
Match 31Bangladesh vs Afghanistan24/06/2019
Match 32England vs Australia25/06/2019
Match 33New Zealand vs Pakistan26/06/2019
Match 34West Indies vs India27/06/2019
Match 35Srilanka vs South Africa28/06/2019
Match 36Pakistan vs Aghanistan29/06/2019
Match 37New Zealand vs Australia29/06/2019
Match 38England vs India30/06/2019
Match 39Sri Lanka vs West Indies01/07/2019
Match 40Bangladesh vs India02/07/2019
Match 41England vs New Zealand03/07/2019
Match 42Afghanistan vs West Indies04/07/2019
Match 43Pakistan vs Bangladesh05/07/2019
Match 44Sri Lanka vs India06/07/2019
Match 45Australia vs South Africa06/07/2019
1st Semi FinalTo Be Announced09/07/2019
2nd Semi FinalTo Be Announced11/07/2019
FinalTo Be Announced14/07/2019


Everyone around the world is anxiously waiting for the ICC Cricket World cup 2019. No doubt it’s going to be worth watching. If you want to look it live then don’t miss the opportunity to purchase the tickets online.

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